About us

The Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence allows terminally ill patients to live their final days in comfort and with dignity in a warm, home-like environment, close to their family, and in their community. The Residence has 23 beds, making it the largest freestanding palliative care residence in Canada.

In light of the passage on June 5, 2014 by the National Assembly of Quebec’s end-of-life legislation, the Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence wishes to clarify that this legislation will not change in any way the services it provides to terminally ill patients.

The Residence will continue to act in the way it always has – to provide the best possible care and comfort, including symptom relief to the dying but without taking any actions that hasten the natural process of death. To read the full statement please click here .

The primary care goal at the Residence is to uphold the quality of life for all patients and to support their families by seeking to understand the unique concerns and wishes of each patient. The Residence’s team of physicians, nurses, counselors, psychosocial care workers and volunteers work together to address their physical symptoms, as well as their emotional, social and spiritual needs.

The Residence is an independent, community-based, non-profit organization, accredited by the Quebec government to provide palliative care services to residents of the West Island of Montreal.

Our Mission

To provide active and compassionate care in order to comfort and support terminally ill patients and their loved ones and to continue as a leader in palliative care within Quebec and Canada.

Our Vision

As a leader,

• To be at the forefront of providing superior palliative care within the community health care network;

• To promote and support a range of services to patients requiring palliative care, at home, in hospital, and at the West Island Palliative Care Residence;

• To serve as a role model and resource for other communities wishing to organize freestanding palliative care residences;

• To promote and provide education to health professionals and volunteers to enhance competence in delivery of palliative care services;

• To promote and provide education in the community, to increase awareness and to provide understanding of the needs of
the terminally ill and their families;

• To continuously improve palliative care through research and knowledge transfer;

• To ensure that grief support is available and to promote it in the community.

Our History

The Residence is the realization of a dream and ambitious project undertaken in 1998 by co-founders Teresa Dellar, M.S.C., MSW, PSW, FT and Russell Williams, then Member of the Quebec National Assembly for the Kirkland area. After several years of community fundraising and then construction of a purpose-built facility, the West Island Palliative Care Residence opened in October 2002 with nine beds on André-Brunet Street in Kirkland. The Residence was the first of its kind in Montreal. In accordance with the recommendation from the Ministry of Health and Social Services of one palliative bed per 10,000 population, the Residence opened 14 additional beds on a dedicated floor of a nearby long-term facility in April 2012, Stillview Pavilion.

The Residence’s combined 23 beds make it the largest freestanding palliative care facility in Canada. The Residence has been recognized as a leader in providing community-based palliative care and has been contacted by and visited by people from communities across Canada and elsewhere seeking to start similar projects in their communities.

Key Facts about the Residence

  • Since it opened in 2002, over 4,500 patients have spent their final days at the Residence and we have helped more than 17,000 family members.

  • The youngest patient was 18; the oldest 105.

  • Our patients have been in the final stages of ALS, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer as well as many other diseases.

  • The Residence is not a long-term care facility and therefore we must screen patients in order to admit those best suited for the care we provide.

  • The annual operating budget of the Residence is $5.2 million of which the government funds one third leaving more than $3.5 million to fundraise. The West Island Palliative Care Residence Foundation manages all donations.

What others are saying about us

“I want to thank everyone at the Residence for giving my mother the most wonderful and dignified experience she ever could wish for.”


“As I entered the Residence, someone took my arm and said ‘Here, you can be your mom’s daughter again. Let us be her caregiver.’ The relief from that simple statement was more than anyone could imagine.”

Debra Louise Barry

“When a palliative care residence opened in Kirkland over 10 years ago, I decided to volunteer. People’s first reactions were: ‘Why volunteer there? It must be so depressing!’ They were so wrong! When people arrive here, they are taken by surprise at the bright yellow walls, the fireplace and the smell of the home-cooked meals. Care, compassion and respect is what staff members and volunteers strive for.”


“From the moment we were greeted at the door, our family was enveloped in a safe haven. The atmosphere was never disturbed. It was peaceful, caring and nurturing for my father and all of us. The doctors and nurses paid close attention to his needs. They listened to him carefully and they listened to us with the same respect.”