Since the Residence first opened its doors, we have not only been involved in the care of our patients but their families and friends as well. It was apparent early on that we needed to provide comfort and support to these people even after the patient’s death.

It became our mission to set up bereavement support groups that would offer both psychological and peer mentoring help to adults, teens and young children after the death of a loved one, for a duration of one year

We are extremely proud to be able to offer continuing care in the form of bereavement support groups and supportive phone calls to all family members and friends of patients. Our specialized bereavement groups are offered several times a year and are divided by age group and language (English or French). These sessions are all offered free of charge.

Support calls are made several times during the first year after death. Our callers, who are specialized volunteers trained in bereavement, provide support by listening and reinforcing that we are there for them during this difficult mourning period.