Giving a gift of stocks or bonds is an innovative and efficient way to minimize the tax paid on current income and a good philanthropic choice.

Consider these benefits:

  •  Immediate charitable tax receipt for the amount of the fair market value of the shares donated at the date of the gift
  • No capital gain recognized on disposition of shares. (A “disposition” would be considered to have occurred at the time of donation.)
  • The annual limit is 75% of the net income of the donor for the taxation year.
  • The unused portion of the tax credit can be carried forward five taxation years.
  • Donors benefit from the donation of a security with a high value due to the accrued capital gain, while avoiding tax on such gain
  • Corporate donors are allowed a deduction equal to the amount of the gift in calculating corporate taxable income.

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The information presented here is of a general nature and is not intended to constitute advice to any particular person. Please consult your own income tax, financial and/or legal advisors before considering or arranging a planned gift. All requests for information are confidential, and will not obligate the requestor to make a planned gift.